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Quick and Easy Hazelnut Coffee Energy Bites

This time I made energy bites, because I just love snacks  I can eat on the go. In this recipe I included all ingredients I absolutely love. Hazelnuts, cacao powder, quinoa, coffee and oats. Yummy! I usually use almond flour, but this time I didn’t have any so I used hazelnuts. And let me tell you – I love it! This recipe is perfect for busy week days, when you don’t have much time. I make them once a week for the whole family, but they usually last just about few days.

These energy balls are ideal snack for anyone who wants to lose some weight. Eat a couple of them and they will fill you up till next meal.

Health Benefits:


Although drinking too much coffee is not recommended, one black coffee a day definitely has health benefits. The very obvious fact is, that coffee boosts your physical performance, by increasing your adrenaline levels in your blood. Coffee is also very rich in antioxidants. Some studies shows, that the most antioxidants human body absorbs from coffee and not from food like fruits and vegetables. Besides that, it reduces risk of stroke and cancer.

Coffee also helps you burn fat and lose weight faster.


Quinoa is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. It is one of the best plant based protein sources. Quinoa also contains twice as much fiber as other grains – it contains about 5 grams of fiber per cup. Fiber is known to reduce risk of heart diseases. Quinoa is also rich in iron. Besides that, quinoa contains antioxidants called flavanoids. They are known to lower the chance of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Quinoa is gluten free, so people with celiac disease can eat it too.

Due to high protein and fiber content, quinoa helps you feel full for longer. That means it’s perfect food for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are one of the super foods and there is reason for that. Chia seeds are full of omega-3 fatty acids. They actually contain much more of those omega-3 acids than salmon. They are also full of fiber. One tablespoon of chia seeds contains 5 grams of fiber. And the fibers are known to reduce the chance of cronic diseases. They also contain 2 grams of protein per tablespoon. In chia seeds we can also find antioxidants, which are very good for our blood cells and also our skin.

The combination of fiber and protein in chia seeds, plus the fact that they triple their size when you put them in liquid, contributes to feeling of fullness. That means chia seeds are also recommended to use in weight loss diets.


A cup of oatmeal a day, keeps the doctor away!

Oats are perfect breakfast or snack food. They are very high in fiber – they contain a specific type of fiber named beta-glucan. It has been proven that beta-glucan has beneficial impact on cholesterol levels. Oats are also rich in antioxidants. That’s why eating oats regularly prevents or at least lower the chance of cardiovascular diseases. They also lower the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

Many studies show that oats increase appetite-control hormones. This is the reason oats are recommended food when it comes to weight loss.


Any kind of nuts are great source of healthy fat. But hazelnuts have nutritional value of its own. Unlike most other nuts, hazelnuts are a great source of folate. Folate is actually vitamin B9, which is very important for women in their pregnancies, because it supports normal fatal development. It is also great for your heart and lowers the chance of stroke. Eating hazelnuts regularly will promote your normal cholesterol levels. 100 grams of hazelnuts also contains about 15% of daily recommended dose of vitamin E. Hazelnuts are also known to lower the risk of cancer.

So make sure you include hazelnuts in your diet, because health benefits are just amazing!


Coffee Quinoa Energy Bites

Hazelnut Coffee Energy Bites

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Serves: 13-15 Bites Prep Time: Cooking Time:


  • 1 cup Oat Flour (Ground Oats)
  • 1/2 cup Hazelnut Flour
  • 1 cup Chia Seeds
  • 1/2 cup Puffed Quinoa
  • 2 tbsp Raw Cacao Powder
  • 2/3 cup Shredded Coconut
  • 1/3 cup Black Coffee
  • 3 tbsp raw Honey
  • 4 tbsp Water


  1. In a large bowl mix all dry ingredients: oat flour, hazelnut flour, 1/3 cup chia seeds, puffed quinoa, cacao powder.
  2. Add coffee and honey and mix well.
  3. If needed add water, so the batter is sticky.
  4. With hands form small balls (see the picture above).
  5. Roll them in coconut and/or chia seeds (remaining 2/3 cup).
  6. Put them in the fridge for about 30 minutes so they cool down and enjoy.


If you like the flavor of coffee, you can use more coffee instead of water. You can substitute hazelnut flour for any other nut flour or even coconut flour. If you want to make vegan bites, use coconut sugar instead of honey.

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