//5 Healthy Everyday Morning Habits

5 Healthy Everyday Morning Habits

I created a list of top 5 healthy everyday morning habits that help me start my days the right way. I hope it will help you to start your mornings a little bit better, too.

For me, morning is hands down the best part of the day. There is something about fresh start of the day and endless possibilities that brings a new morning.  I put together and wrote down these top 5 healthy everyday morning habits that helped me to create a healthier, more relaxed morning routine and set the right tone for the day.

Top 5 healthy everyday morning habits are:

1. Wake up earlier – “Live An Extra Hour”

I found this quote the other day and found it very interesting: “Wake up an hour earlier, so you live an extra hour.” I can totally relate to this quote. I would much rather be awake for an hour extra in the morning, than be sleeping until 10 or 11 a.m. and miss out on the magic of early mornings. How you spend your morning really sets tone for your whole day. They say the first hour of your day is the most important one and I couldn’t agree more.

This will help you if you are always rushing in the morning. I don’t think none of us likes this feeling. I can assure you, you will be more relaxed if you just wake up earlier. Doesn’t even need to be an hour. It could be half an hour or 15 minutes or even 5 minutes. Whatever makes the change. You will noticed how much more relaxed you are and how awesome is to have those extra minutes for yourself in the morning.

2. Drink glass of warm water first thing in the morning

I’m sure you all know how important it is to hydrate enough during the day. It can help you have more energy, fell better and even helps you lose weight, if that’s your goal. But drinking warm water in the morning was a life changer for me. Not only does it flush toxins right out of your body, it will also wake you up more than cup of coffee would. I’m not saying you can’t have coffee in the morning, just remember to hydrate before you caffeinate.

Lemon water benefits

I usually put few slices of lemon in my morning water, because of it’s health benefits. Lemon water is proved to improve your mood, energy levels and immune system. You can read more about benefits of drinking lemon water every morning here. But if you don’t like lemons, plain water is totally fine too, or you can add any other type of fruit. I like to drink it at least 15 minutes before breakfast.

3. Create relaxing environment

For me, this is opening all my windows and let the fresh air come in. Especially in the summer, I love it how sun is shining right through my windows. I absolutely love sun and bright spaces. In colder months I usually light up a scented candle, so the whole room smells like heaven. Sometimes I’ll just turn on relaxing music or enjoy some quiet time. Whatever suits me better that day. Relaxing environment can mean different things to different people. Just find what’s working best for you and make it happen.

4. Leave your phone alone

The best thing to do in the morning is NOT go on your phone and social media first thing in the morning. Let your time be just yours. Nowadays we all live on our social media and it negatively impact on our mood, if that’s the first thing we focus on in the morning. You can write an email, make that phone call or text back a little later in the day. I thing going on your phone first thing in the morning is not the right way to start your day. Rather than your phone, grab a book, do a workout or watch that TV show that you love and never have time for. Let this time be just yours. I must admit I’m not always the best at obeying this rule, though. But I try my best and that is all that counts.

5. Cook yourself a healthy breakfast

Having a healthy, filling and nutritious breakfast is for me one of the most, if not the most important things of every morning. Fueling your body with the right foods in the beginning of the day will give your body enough energy to start functioning and prepare you for the day. And please don’t skip breakfast. I know many people that don’t eat breakfast because they don’t have enough time in the morning or they just aren’t hungry. Well, if you don’t have time, you should wake up a little earlier (see Tip 1 above). And if you feel like you’re not hungry in the morning, try eat a little less for dinner or eat dinner earlier. Always try to include healthy fats, proteins and carbs into every breakfast.

5 Healthy everyday morning habits

If you’re looking for breakfast ideas, I have the recipes of my favorite breakfasts here on my blog. They are all nutritious, good for you and easy to make. You can find them by clicking here.


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